Wisconsin Police Arrest Grannies and Teens For Singing


In Wisconsin’s capital, Madison, people have gotten together to protest their Governor Scott Walker’s policies of political suppression and economic austerity. They call them the “solidarity sing-along” protests.

At a time when people are so fragmented and atomized, when people think that nothing can be achieved from collective action, it’s really inspiring to see a real uproar from the people. The people, saying, we’ve had enough. The people, saying, that we will reclaim our public space, and we don’t need a permit to do so.

With such an innovative idea, it’s not surprising that the Governor seems confused about how to handle the protest. The police are arresting people en masse, telling them that even watching the protests is illegal. Do they really think that will work? For every one granny that gets arrested and taken out from the capital, it’s likely ten more will join the movement in protest of such atrocities. It’s the only way their numbers have kept swelling.

In an America where our 1st Amendment has really just become more of a soundbite than a valued principle, Gandhi’s request for “world sympathy in this battle of right against might” couldn’t be more pressing. It’s crucial that we don’t overlook and waste the suffering of our fellow citizens, that we join our voices with theirs. I urge everyone to stand, as I do, in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Wisconsin. ┬áIt’s the least we can do.


Author: Edwin Jain

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