Romney’s Utopian Middle Class

I don’t know about you, but I’d love to be middle-class under Romney’s vision. Recently, on Good Morning America, Romney was asked whether he would classify an income of $100,000 as “middle-income.” Romney, however, believing in the power of the middle class, answered that he would consider middle-income to be “$200,000 to $250,000,” adding “and less,” presumably after seeing the interviewer’s confused face. 

In case you’re wondering what was so outrageous about his response, know that the annual median income in the USA is $26,364. Even if you take GDP per capita, which grossly overstates the average income (it just divides GDP by population), you still only get to $48,442. This means, even if I’m four times as well off as the average person in America, I still have to double my income to classify as middle class for Romney.

Now, I don’t blame Romney for not knowing these minute statistics…He was only a few hundred thousand off, after all, not a large sum of money for a multi-millionaire. At least now we know who he’s talking about when he says he’ll help the middle class.  

Author: Edwin Jain

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